Pre-Flood History on Stone.

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Please look through the picture's and see if you can help identify the script.

A golden ruler seated on the left with horse's and a dark Persian profile on right.


What would you expect these record's to look like and what would your expectation's be concerning you personally?

All walks of life have had a reference to a future time when information written on stone and held back would finally come to light and be understood by all. Now, how could that be possible with so diverse a world with millions of people expecting to gain something personal, a confirmation of faith unseen before but promised to each and every receptive soul on every inch of this planet at its appropriate season?

What would you expect it to look like, It would have to be easy but powerfull and accepted wholly from the oldest to the youngest everywhere plus personally reaching the heart and mind, cutting through all the differences. information and proof of a pre-flood existance on stone universally understood would have to have to use the universal language of picture's to breach a gap like that and done in such a way as to delight and astound us with super intelligent simplicity.Genesis on stone could bridge the gap between Gen:11 and 1:2. creation, destruction, re-creation and re-plenishing by God who would leave a record for future inhabitants. 

On several occasions through different prophets he said write it down, seal it, hide it, but keep my promise of its future arrival alive. some records given took forty days to write and were in an alphabet the scribes didnt know in 2nd Esdras 14 for example. in revelation John had to seal up records we know. which of them has writings with pictures or is it visions on stone with scripts? the trademark's of higher intelligence are on these stones the way a verse of scripture has them, in the aliveness of it to the individual and it cross's all the ethnic and religous boundries.

Alphabets, lots of them, scenes of past history. the use of hologram's, 3-d images layered and woven to reveal something new everytime you look, and not have scratched the surface into all the information there is still left to learn about on them.

Plato wrote about memorial stone's in his story. Edgar Cayce as he slept also spoke of them, Nostradomus was another and the Indian legends of Wakan Tanka who wrote on stone's shaped like the buffalo and breathed his spirit in them. Too many cultures, prophets, seer's, all  with one story, take them all and weigh in the possibility that they may, just possibly been found have been found.

These rocks are like little libraries and could quite possibly answer some of the question's, like, the concentric circles, the sacred  circle's within the circle,,in that you have to turn them around and around to get the full impact and realise there really is no wrong way to look at them. you find yourself turning your head to see more, the message's are not hidden even to those who disbelieve what they are seeing.

Please note also, you do not see any cruelty, oppression, or savagery in them anywhere.and nothing to suggest fear or brutality. some things to look for are, people, children and lots of  faces, the shapes of the rocks themselves are oftentimes a head, or profile, male and 'or' female.., so many faces, that they blend layer on layer and a scene is made, [petromantic ] it makes you wonder if these are the rulers and the people they ruled or their thoughts projected at the time and what they saw. profiles are on all sides, may be the story is that belonging to that particular profile.

 Designs and alphabets make up the pictures also, some look like constellations or maps and all have a 3D effect. definitly,,not your average primitive cave painting. Darwin's theory is out the window. these people were so intelligent, they left a simple record of themselves in a way to convince the future inhabitants if they will look with an open mind.

Whomever designed these rocks depicted very strong characters, regal, well dressed, knowledgable and with capabilities beyond today as there is more information on one rock than an entire book by today's standards. if you've always wondered about pre-flood existance then you have to look at these pictures and keep in mind that these are pictures in the rough, beginning's, at sandsenterprise we have given them proper backgrounds [black] for enhancement but the actual photo has not been retouched at all. what you see is what we got. and we are amatures.  I could go on and on as its so overwhelming  to be able to show these finally is exciting.

we all have questions but for now we just look and try to understand what it is we are seeing. we can only present, it will take many people comming together to fully understand all thats there.

One can only imagine what they must have looked like when newly done, before the erosion, weathering and the rough tumble of the eon's, but they diffinitly have survived.

I ask your indulgence with my grammar, thanx, Ideo.



 In the apocraphal book of 2nd Esdras chapters 13&14 tell in these writings about how Esdras is afraid the history will be forgotten or lost to the comming generations and pleads with God to let him write it all down so,God agrees and dtctates to five scribes all that has happened since the begining, He tells them to divide them up as some are to be made public and some of the tablets are to be held back to be revealed in their time to mankind. can we be so sure these arent the rocks, the tablets, they wrote on and He breathed into?

Forty days it took to inscribe them in a way not familiar to them.[unknown alphabet]  God said of the one's He wanted saved back, ''Because these teaching's contain a flood of understanding, a fountain of wisdom, and a river of knowledge''. now, what if part were, in scroll form held in Alexandria but the original stonework was kept in a safer distant land that was to be always reguarded as sacred land till the revealing of them in the future. wouldn't loss of their memory and that land denote a good time for their discovery before they could be accidently destroyed.

Plato's story of Atlantis began in Timaeus, He told of a golden age beyond imagination. superior gods who created for themselves a utopia which people have been searching for some remnant of ever since. in one terrible day and night it was destroyed, with all its knowledge leaving only traces of its existance on the fringes of its vast empire which time has all but erased. may be they were the first keepers of the library then it passed on to the Native American.

God's words, the Atlantis story, Mythology, Legends and fireside stories have never lost their mysterious qualities and people still use the Bible to find pre-flood Eden and Plato as a guide to locate the lost pre-flood continent, trying to fit the pieces together and send searchers divers to the depths of the ocean's seeking some sort of proof of its actual existance. These rock's mabe the puzzel pieces that answer all the questions. there is so much to see and grasp. I realize its hard for some to actually admit there is something there but it is there. may be its 'ALL'' there.

Edgar Cayce in his readings never said it would be the finding of a sunken landmass that would vindicate the story of Atlantis but the "Sacred Memorial's which could still be observed in places where the fountains once existed, and 'this' [the finding] proves the truth of what I'm saying."    All cultures have known of the sacred records on stones written by the creator and have faithfully handed down the legend's of the spirit breathed work, regardless what name he chose to use for himself for addressing each culture, the signature is there.  so if the land existed, obviously the records had not been on the island but kept far away in safety, awaiting the day of revealing. so perhaps  all cultures are correct that tell of stone's which would reveal great knowledge, the past written down to help the future. for all culture's look to a promise of sacred records revealed at an appointed time when they would be needed by all races.

The land of Eden or the sunken land may be found if what is seen on the rocks to look like maps truely are maps. mabe they show where and the proximity to other countries of the then known world.  now that would be exciting. once you really look, you will  see you really cant discount anything because what we dont understand, the next guy does, and on it goes so, all input is welcomed. I'm looking for wisemen who won't say ''there is no written record's'' but will look with the heart and mind. you've never seen anything like this before and its amazing.

These rock's may be the 'Tie that binds us all together'. The Lost Tribes Found?.

The picture's presented here reveal a past on stone never before known positively to exist, not primitive as they could not be duplicated by any mean's in today's world. they depict rulers, landscape, a golden age of intelligence in a pre-flood life, they shine a new light on the words of not only Genesis, but old legends as well, for all who will look,, "the more you look the more you see and understand." but more than proving a  pre-flood super race was not a legend,, it is a revealing of a sacred record sealed away untill mankind would have the technical abilities of our modern world and still be confounded by the intelligence of a past we have not yet achieved in certain area's.

Quite by accident, I think they have been found, and whether it is accepted or not by some, they need to be shown to the people and housed for the future, where they were found,, out and away from the elements before any more weather can take its toll on them. A time to gather stones together is our feeling.

As you look at these pictures keep in mind what more can be seen if you have a  picture of high quality in your hands. and if these are truely our creator's prophetic words finally come to light, you need to look and understand  they need to be protected. selling or moving a rock from its original place is not an option. a sacred object has no price. we only sell prints for those who wish one but anyone can look and save a picture from here to study. God said they were to be given to the wise men of the scribe's people. mabe thats the people who will be brought to look, I cant say,, I dont know. 'but' what I do know, is that I'm compelled to show what was found reguardless and let God do the rest.  Peace!.

Asian on the left, double profiles on the right.

Ancestor's of Asian Kenniwick Man or possibly Ishi who forgot over time all but the need to keep the commands to honour and protect the sacred in all its forms.

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